How do I know if unassisted birth is for me?

It may seem like a hard decision to know if an unassisted birth is right for you. unassisted birth. birth options. home birth.

Is unassisted birth right for me?

The answer may seem like a simple one. You just know that it is. It's like a feeling in your gut. It is a past experience or a story you have heard. You just know.

If you ever speak to someone who has had an unassisted pregnancy and birth they all have their reasons. For some, it is because of a previous experience. For others, they have heard stories and they don't want to be another one. We also have some amazing families that their knowledge alone tells them their bodies were meant for this.

If you have ever experienced anything of the issues above then you know that you don't simply "get over". This may be one of the many reasons you may consider an unassisted birth. It is all about trust yourself and listening to your body.

It may seem hard to decide what your birth should be like. If you are going to consider unassisted birth you'll find this post helpful. unassisted birth. birth options.

Previous experiences

I was watching "Call the Midwife" and on season 7 episode 5 a mother is so scared to give birth to her child because of a previous birth experience. So scared that she rather hurt herself than go back to the hospital and have forceps used on her. Of course, as most amazing midwives would do they helped the mother know that one birth doesn't mean another will end up the same.

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We know that all births are different. Not all experiences are the same but we want better. We don't want to be in labor and fight for our birth to go the way it should.

Enjoy their birth experience

Everyone dreams about having the best birth experience. We turn to a support team of other families who have an unassisted birth. We watch Youtube videos of unassisted births. Having to leave the comfort of our home or put our life and that of our child in someone else's hands doesn't seem right.Follow us for the next 31 days for a journey towards an unassisted birth. birth options. freebirth. unassisted birth.

Honestly, who wants to be stuck in a car on the way to a hospital or birth center? Stuck in one position and being told you can't move. We just want to have the best birth surrounded by love and safety.

First time unassisted

If you are thinking of going unassisted you will want to be prepared. I think you will find you'll be busy for the next 30 days reading our post and all the book recommendations we have for you.

Now it is time to decide if unassisted birth is right for you. Only you can decide what works for your family. Trust yourself, educate yourself and have the best possible birth.

What helped you to decide to have an unassisted birth?