How long before the pregnancy shock passes?

It has now (12/1/18) been 10 days since those famous two lines appeared on my test. I wasn’t late, my cycle was due to start that day but you know I’m impatient I like to know one way or another. Let’s be honest I am still in shock. I feel like in this life you have […]

Keziah’s Birth: mothers intuition helped her avoid a transfer

Welcome Back! Oh there you are! I’ve been thinking about how to write my daughter Keziah’s birth story for you. (I told her story as a podcast episode Here if you’re interested in listening to it), and pondering which details would be most important or rather most relevant to include. Also, if you’re interested in reading about […]

Birth Your Way is having growing pains

In recent months my focus has not been here. I want to apologize for that. I should have at least explained why.  I have sat and wondered if I should this delete this blog and start over but I realized this blog has helped many. Some have come here to read birth stories others have […]

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