How long before the pregnancy shock passes?

It has now (12/1/18) been 10 days since those famous two lines appeared on my test. I wasn’t late, my cycle was due to start that day but you know I’m impatient I like to know one way or another. Let’s be honest I am still in shock. I feel like in this life you have […]

The Second or Third Unassisted Birth

Your Focus WILL Change When I first discovered the choice of birthing at home, skipping the midwife step, and doing everything all on my own… the whole concept of unassisted birth consumed my waking thoughts. This change in the path from hospital to home was life-altering. I wanted to know everything. I researched pregnancy and […]

What you need to know to help you find the perfect doula

From the moment you find out you are expecting you wonder about all the things you should now do. You ask for recommendations for the best doctor or midwife. You then wonder if you should really hire a doula and if it is ok to hire someone who is still training. What are the best […]

You need to know unassisted birth is legal

I have always loved the idea of birth. When someone gives birth they may feel all of this pain or uncomfortable feelings but once you are holding your child for the first time you realize everything you felt was worth it in the end. This is no different when you give birth unassisted. We want […]

How do I know if unassisted birth is for me?

It may seem like a hard decision to know if an unassisted birth is right for you. unassisted birth. birth options. home birth.

Is unassisted birth right for me? The answer may seem like a simple one. You just know that it is. It’s like a feeling in your gut. It is a past experience or a story you have heard. You just know. If you ever speak to someone who has had an unassisted pregnancy and birth […]

Everything you need to know for an unassisted birth in 31 days

An unassisted birth crash course to prepare any family in just 31 days. pregnancy. birth. unassisted birth. birth course.

Are you planning an unassisted or freebirth? What if you could have all the information you need in an unassisted birth crash course? Each day for the next 31 days you will be able to stop by or get a weekly email with all the post. With so many people finding their voice and looking […]

Lydia’s Birth: mother contemplates transferring

Hello there friend It’s been a while since I’ve shared one of my birth stories. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve already shared Noah’s story, and Keziah’s story, and that leaves me with only Lydia’s story yet to tell. My husband and I fully intend to aim in the direction of five-ish kids… But at […]

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