Prenatal Self Care: What I Did

Keeping Records You’re pregnant! Congratulations! You’re planning on doing everything yourself this pregnancy, and having baby at home? Also congratulations! You want to keep prenatal records for yourself, but don’t exactly know where to start? This post is for all you ladies who’ve decided you want to do some form of DIY Records. Like me, you […]

You need to know unassisted birth is legal

I have always loved the idea of birth. When someone gives birth they may feel all of this pain or uncomfortable feelings but once you are holding your child for the first time you realize everything you felt was worth it in the end. This is no different when you give birth unassisted. We want […]

Prenatal Self Care: Why Do It?

  Prenatal care is a topic that comes up very frequently when it comes to pregnancy and birth. “Who is your provider?” might be the first question people ask after your happy announcement that a baby is coming. But what if you don’t plan to have a medical provider? Is it necessary to have this […]

Is Baby Bum First (Breech)?

“Your baby is breech.” How do those words make you feel? Dismayed? Fearful? Disappointed? Why? Because our generation (and our mother’s generation) has been lead to believe breech birth is too scary or dangerous to attempt. We’ve been led to believe that this type of birth requires a surgical procedure to remedy. Baby must not […]

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