Is Baby Bum First (Breech)?

“Your baby is breech.” How do those words make you feel? Dismayed? Fearful? Disappointed? Why? Because our generation (and our mother’s generation) has been lead to believe breech birth is too scary or dangerous to attempt. We’ve been led to believe that this type of birth requires a surgical procedure to remedy. Baby must not […]

Birth Your Way is having growing pains

In recent months my focus has not been here. I want to apologize for that. I should have at least explained why.  I have sat and wondered if I should this delete this blog and start over but I realized this blog has helped many. Some have come here to read birth stories others have […]

VBAC: Alicia Owen Incredible Story

I finally got to a point between contractions to where I tried sitting up to see if that would help with the pain, even though I was already pushing.

Our birth story: Stephanie LeBoeuf

For many the thought of going unassisted doesn’t cross their mind. For others it is the best decision they make. Going unassisted allows you to have as little or as much prenatal care as you would like. It allows you to have the freedom to birth in any position you’d like and to wait until […]

Planning a home birth, what you need to have vagina included

Of course, when giving birth you need your vagina but what else do you need in order to prepare for your home birth? For everyone once you have made the decision to give birth you then start to prepare your home for what’s to come. Although, you’ll need to wait for the baby to decide […]

How to survive the first trimester of pregnancy?

Anytime I hear a friend say they don’t feel well I joke and tell them in nine months they will feel better. What about when it’s not a joke and you are pregnant? What are some things you can try to help you survive the first trimester? Weather you’re a first time mom or a mom of […]

Budgeting for a new baby for serious planners

A serious planner knows that having a baby can be expensive but if planned and prepared for you can save money. Most of the things you are told you need for a baby will never go used.

Birth: Arias’ home birth

I stood up and was holding on to a chair I had in the bathroom when all of a sudden my water broke, I sat back on the toilet and the pressure continued to increase.

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