10 reasons you should be hiring a doula!

STOP!!! Stop whatever you are doing and tell me if you know what a doula is? Do you know why you should be look into hiring a doula. If the answer is I don’t know to both of these answers then follow along for these 10 reasons you should be hiring a doula What is […]

How long before the pregnancy shock passes?

It has now (12/1/18) been 10 days since those famous two lines appeared on my test. I wasn’t late, my cycle was due to start that day but you know I’m impatient¬†I like to know one way or another. Let’s be honest I am still in shock. I feel like in this life you have […]

Prenatal Self Care: Why Do It?

  Prenatal care is a topic that comes up very frequently when it comes to pregnancy and birth. “Who is your provider?” might be the first question people ask after your happy announcement that a baby is coming. But what if you don’t plan to have a medical provider? Is it necessary to have this […]

Noah’s Birth: mother declined interventions and birthed her way

Hello again friends!   I do enjoy our weekly “visits” here on the blog. Perhaps you’d like to hear the story of my first birth, and how I declined interventions in the hospital? That experience set the stage for me choosing to have unassisted births in the future, so the story has a special place […]

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