5 things you should research before children

5 must research topics for anyone wanting to become a parent.

Pregnancy, birth and becoming parents are all such amazing adventures. You never know what to expect at any stage. There is no handbook and everyone has the advice to give about how you should do everything. Before you decide to have children here are five things you should research. Some of these may be no […]

What you need to know to help you find the perfect doula

From the moment you find out you are expecting you wonder about all the things you should now do. You ask for recommendations for the best doctor or midwife. You then wonder if you should really hire a doula and if it is ok to hire someone who is still training. What are the best […]

Is it possible to have an unassisted birth in an apartment?

Apartment birth made possible Are you starting to plan your free birth? You may be worried because you live in an apartment and neighbors may hear you, so what can you do to make everyone aware and avoid unnecessary visitors. I can reassure you it won’t be as big of a deal as you might think. […]

An amazing but fast labor leading to the denial of a birth

Guest blogger My name is Beautiful Dunn. I’m 32 years old with 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl (Amory-age 5, Atlas-age 3, Autumn-age 18 months). Married 10 years this December to an amazing husband named Clayton who assisted in the birth and caught our 2 fbac babies at home. I’m fairly crunchy and enjoy […]

Keziah’s Birth: mothers intuition helped her avoid a transfer

Welcome Back! Oh there you are! I’ve been thinking about how to write my daughter Keziah’s birth story for you. (I told her story as a podcast episode Here if you’re interested in listening to it), and pondering which details would be most important or rather most relevant to include. Also, if you’re interested in reading about […]

Planning a home birth, what you need to have vagina included

Of course, when giving birth you need your vagina but what else do you need in order to prepare for your home birth? For everyone once you have made the decision to give birth you then start to prepare your home for what’s to come. Although, you’ll need to wait for the baby to decide […]

Birth: Arias’ home birth

I stood up and was holding on to a chair I had in the bathroom when all of a sudden my water broke, I sat back on the toilet and the pressure continued to increase.

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