The perfect wash and dry routine for cloth diapers

Cloth diaper wash & Dry routine. Learn to care for your cloth diapers to last you more than one child.

Before I get started I want to remind you it may take some testing before you find the right wash routine for you. You may need to try some different detergents and also test your water for hard water. Below we will keep updating as we find different washers and routines.

I'll help you find the right test and wash routine. If you happen to find the right one please email to help our guide continue to grow.

Wash Routines

***Starting point for any wash routine***

Wash 1: warm water, normal soil, regular setting (never quick wash), high spin, line 1 Tide Powder detergent - if not Tide Powder, use the amount on your container suggested for lightly soiled laundry

Wash 2: hot water, heavy soil, heavy-duty setting, high spin, line 3 Tide Powder detergent. If not TP, use the amount recommended for heavily soiled laundry

We can tweak this based on your specific needs but start here.

The perfect wash and dry routine for cloth diapers

Hard Water

What is hard water? Hard water has a high mineral content which is is formed when water percolates through deposits of limestone and chalk which are largely made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates.

Testing for hard water. If you have never tested your water than this should be a priority on your list. This will help your headache later trying to figure out why you have stink. You may also notice the lime build up around your water fixtures, spots on dishes, and dry skin after a shower.

Dry Routine

I personally just use my dryer to dry everything. As a mom of six we don't have time to wait for diapers to dry outside. Plus, we now live in Tennessee and actually have seasons. I do like to hang diapers outside from time to time as the sun helps any stains can go bye-bye.

I will say when you are first trying to dry your diapers in a dryer make sure you watch them ensure the heat isn't too high. If the heat is too high you may melt the PUL and have to replace the diapers altogether.

Tell me about your wash routine.

Learn to care for your cloth diapers. You'll be happy you did because they'll last more than one child. #clothdiaper #clothdiaperwashing #caringforclothdiapers

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