Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are my personal obsession, yes I have just  admit that I love my diapers. I love the color, and the prints. I love seeing them hanging on my walls. I love letting my children wear no pants so you can see their fluff butts. They are my personal love.

For this resource I have created a place where you can get wash routine, sanitizing routine in case you purchase used diapers, fit assistance and so much more. We even have a community of families who also cloth diaper who are more than happy to help you.

I look forward to seeing you in our community. Check out all of our resources as well.

Meet other cloth diaper families

Join a Fabebook group of other families that also cloth diaper. Get the support weather you are thinking of using cloth diapers, need helping find the right fit, or wash routine. Become an expect and help our growing community.Join community

Cloth diapers can be overwhelming when you are getting started but it doesn’t need to be that way. I have created a one stop shop for everything you will need to know. While I have created this for beginners, sometimes we need a reminder of how to care or store our diapers.

a wall with cubicles filled with cloth diapers from Lalabye Baby

Tips before you get started:

You may try a few brands of cloth diapers before you find the one that works for your family. In our home, we use Lalabye Baby and Lighthouse Kids. They are both one size which means you use them from birth until they potty train.

The amount you will need (notice I didn’t say want because I have a feeling you will become obsessed like me) may vary but the typical number is 10-12 per day as newborns and less as they get older.

lalabye baby cloth diaper

Types of cloth diapers

  • Flats are the cheapest way to go but you will also need covers (see below).  Flats are a large square piece of fabric that can be folded in different ways to suit your needs. Flats are easy to care for as they don’t have any TUL or elastic that can be damaged in the wash/dryer. While I have not personally used flats, you can click here for a tutorial on how to use.
  • Prefolds are also a large piece of fabric but they are folded in three sections. The middle is where the absorbent layer will also require a cover but are very easy to care for a well. With prefolds you will need something like pins or a snappi to keep the prefolds secure, see the tutorial here.
  • Fitteds are already diaper shaped and most already have snaps or Velcro so you won’t need pins or a snappi. Although these can also be one size these are ideal fit for newborns. Keep in mind you will still need a cover, fitteds work well for heavy-wetter’s with a wool covers. See tutorial here.
  • Hybrids are the halfway road between disposables and cloth diapers. The cover of the diaper is completely washable but the insert can be biodegradable disposable or washable cloth inserts. See tutorial here.
  • Pockets are perfect because the insert will go right in the pocket. No additional cover needed, no pins or snappi. Pockets can either be with a velcro or snap closure. They have a waterproof outer material sewn into an inner “Stay Dry” material, those two layers are what create a pocket diaper.
  • All-in-twos are diapers that can be used with the inserts over or under the “Stay Dry” material. If you want the baby to feel dry you can “stuff” the diaper or if you want the baby/toddler to feel wet for potty training you would place the inserts over the “stay dry material”
  • All-in-ones
  • Covers are what will keep any leaks from happening. They are used over a prefold, fitted and or flats. Covers can be found in numerous colors and prints.

Wash and Dry Routine

Are you looking for a good wash routine? Check out those ones we have found. Wash


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How to store diapers

Have you thought about how you will organize your cloth diapers? I personally hang them on the wall as decor but we have so many options. Read

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