call vital records office at 802-863-7275 and they will want to send their nurse out to check on baby and fill out the birth forms with you. I found the forms online (they strongly prefer you not do that lol) and sent them in myself, they needed a doctor to sign them that had laid eyes on baby do we used the chiro which they were not happy about but accepted. Any regular doc or naturopath or midwife could sign the form though if you want to avoid seeing the heath departments nurse in your home. I’d recommend waiting until baby has been born so there’s less to hassle you about. We waited months with my first freebirth and they were SO eager to get him registered that they let a lot of things slide. If you choose to not fill out all the statistical paperwork about you and the pregnancy, they will hassle you a bit but it is NOT mandatory so stand your ground. No proof of pregnancy needed, no witnesses etc.

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