Go to your local vital statistics office before the child turns one. Bring with you 2 notarized letters from friends or family stating they knew you were pregnant before you had the baby and saw you pregnant and then after delivery. Bring a log book if you kept your personal info about pregnancy, such as weights, day of pregnancy test, blood pressure, etc, also have a record of all birth stats. They need basic stats. They also need one professional letter from a provider, I only use a chiro so she wrote one. Take that to the office, fill out their basic forms, file it. Easy. They’ll also do the SSN if you wish as well. If all your paperwork is in order it takes about a week to get it in the mail. After a year you go before a judge with your info, not hard just a bit more work.


This info is for anyone who would like info on the process of retrieving a birth certificate in the state of Texas. I was scared if CPS might be called, the info for a unassisted birth was overwhelming and all these things almost made me compromise on unassisted birth. But the process was quite easy. So this is what my husband and i went through after the LO was born a few days later.
1. We called and located our local county Clerk's office for the county that we live in and spoke to the ladies that dealt with homebirths only. The lady sent us these forms a) the mothers worksheet b) the medical worksheet via email

2. we had our friends who were present at the birth to write a statement stating that they knew i was pregnant that i did have the baby on this date and time at this address. they then made a copy of the IDs and then went to have their statements notarized.

3. after dropping their notarized statements and a copy of their IDs off at my place, We had our pictures printed of the birth with the date on it, make sure you catch a pic of whoever faces were there including yours in your pics, then Hubby and i drove to our local county office with the baby. Filled out a long form called the blue form which is just a repeat of information that you filled out on the medical worksheet and the mother's worksheet. This info on the blue form is what goes on the birth certificate.

4. The clerks office then reviews your pics, notarized witness statements, (they will take a statement from your husband if he was the only one there too) to make sure everything adds up. We needed proof of pregnancy as well which i provided my medical record of the proof of pregnancy, but if i didn't have this they were willing to take the recorded video of the birth, which we had just in case.

5. one day later our certified birth certificate copy was ready!!! DONE

Recap: Fill out Medical worksheet, and mother worksheet, provide pictures of birth with you/witnesses in them, notarized statements with a copy of their IDs from witness/witnesses stating they knew you were pregnant, and that they were present when baby was born on this day at this time at this address, go to clerk's office with baby so they can see baby and you can fill out long blue form they give you. BAM!!! simple. no where near as constipated of a process as some states are!!!!

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