Email Amanda Vega at Amanda.l.vega@state.or.us
and request a homebirth packet, they will mail to you.

The packet will tell you what to send back, but if it helps anyone to know ahead of time... I had to send back

1) filled out birth certificate

2)proof of pregnancy (chiropractor note or the like)

3) proof of live birth (we took baby to vital records at a couple mos)

4)proof of residence at time of birth (this was hard for us, I used an amazon order, but bank statement with date or a utility bill would do)

5) a. photocopy of mother's DL or other qualifying photo ID
b. mother's birth record (certified copy)

6)a. photocopy of father's DL or other qualifying photo ID
b. father's birth record (certified copy)

7) certified copy of marriage record



10)birth record order form

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