New Jersey

Contact Vital Records/registrar in your local township/municipality to set up birth certificate appointment. If they are ignorant to the process, you can get assistance through the Vital Statistics office in Trenton.
The birth certificate paperwork will be filled out in person by your local registrar and then sent to Trenton electronically. The process takes about an hour. You will need proof of address, photo ID, and to bring the baby in person.
The birth certificate has MANY questions on it that are used for census and statistical purposes. You do not need to answer any but a very few if you don’t want to. VS in Trenton can verify what is required.
They would *like to have:
-Proof of pregnancy in the form of a signed letter on official letterhead from a provider who saw you for prenatal care with date care began, how many visits were attended, and verifying your name and pregnancy (this can be one visit).
-Proof of birth in the form of a signed letter on official letterhead from a pediatrician/care provider who saw the child after birth verifying that “child’s name” was born to “your name” with date of birth. Weight, good health, other birth statistics welcome to be included.
-Signature and photo ID of birth witness (partner, etc)
*IF the above items are not available, contact Vital Statistics to discuss what alternatives can be provided.
Contact (as of this post) at Vital Statistics in Trenton is Damon Koslow, who is supportive and helpful. Everyone else in the office is clueless

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