Best way I’ve found to get in touch is to call 501-682-1429 and ask for Sharlyn. It takes about 2 or 3 rounds of people before reaching her office.
Vital records/legal amendments
4815 West Markham Slot 44
Little Rock, AR 72205
Things needed: proof of pregnancy (US, photo of you pregnant, photo of test with date and time, midwife note, etc)
Proof of delivery: (doctors visit, photo of you delivering and holding baby after, video of birth)
Someone has to see baby after birth and sign off(?): midwife, doctor, chiroAll of this and more is in the packet. Just giving a rundown. I found easiest was to go to LR and do it in person. They are so fucking backed up it’s ridiculous! Fort Smith is now issuing them as well.

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