Providers Recommendations

Imagine having to ask every friend their experience at a hospital you are considering. Seems time-consuming doesn't it? Well, we have created this great resource to help you find the provider you'll love based on first-hand accounts and reviews. That is what we have created here.

Doula Carmen Edwards is an independent company and is in no way associated with any of the hospitals listed on this page.
Provider recommendations

Before you know you are expecting you start your research for birth providers and where you would like to give birth. Have you thought about the moment you meet a provider what you will ask them? How will you know if they are the right provider for you? One that will respect your birth plan/wishes.

We hope by using our questions you will leave knowing that answer.

Provider recommendations coming soon!

By now you have picked the providers you would like to interview or have already completed your interviews.  You probably have decided on where you will give birth as well.

We are so happy you have completed these steps. I am sure you know how hard it may seem to find a provider who you know will understand and accept your decisions. The next step will be to hire a doula. While you and your partner are a great team your doula will be there to help remind you of your birth plan, encourage birth positions to help encourage baby into the right position and labor to continue and so much more.

Once you have your provider and doula in place the rest is a walk in the park. Be sure to check our doula services.

We are ready to answer all of your questions just call 786-886-6521.

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