Influential Birth Professionals Network

Do you want to grow your social media presences?

Did you know that even a birth professional should have a presence on social media? It can help you find a future client, network with other birth professional and just help you ranking on the internet.

The Influential Birth Professionals Network is a membership only group for birth professionals (doula, childbirth educator, birthkeeper, midwife etc.) that are serious about making money. Whether you want to make some extra cash or a full-time income, the Influential Birth Professionals Network is for YOU!

Join today for just $13!

Be a boss at being a birth professional. Grow your social media presence which means growing your business. Don't be cookie cutter, stand out!

What should I expect in this group?

For just $13 a month, you will get: 

Immediate access to the Influential Birth Professionals Network Facebook Group (upon receipt of membership) 

Access to ALL of my current courses, upon approval in the Influential Birth Professionals Network Facebook Group (within 24 hours of request to join). 

Immediate access to ALL newly released courses

Weekly resources added. 

Additional resources only available to members. 

Group coaching & accountability

Ability to book one 30 minute phone or video consultation per month of active membership (available on a first come first served basis). 

A community of birth professionals that are serious about making money

Freedom to ask me anything in the group!

Why is all of this only $13?!?

I am passionate about helping birth professionals make real money with their blogs or social networks and I am sensitive to the fact that many families are on a budget and have to be very choosy about investing money into building a business. SO, I am making my courses and coaching available to all that are serious about earning an income blogging!! 

If you can only afford one month then just do one month and take FULL advantage of the opportunity. But, really, all of this is valued way over the $110 you will spend in a year.

Pay for the year!

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