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What is Exploring Minds Homeschool Co-Op?

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  • We are a co-op designed to facilitate community, support, and enrichment for homeschooling families. We partner with individual tutors and educational organizations to provide multiple class opportunities in one convenient location.

  • Though our classes are taught by a combination of professional educators and talented homeschool parents, we define our group as a co-op because we know the participation of our families and the relationships we maintain are the most important element to our success.

  • We do not discriminate in the administration of educational and admissions policies on the basis of race, religion, national or ethnic origin, disability or special needs.

  • Our classes provide educational experiences on a weekly basis in hopes to enrich and expand the homeschool experience.

  • We operate from a secular perspective and welcome families of all religious and spiritual backgrounds.

  • Our classes for grades K-12 offer both elective and academic subjects.

  • We meet on various days during the year.

  • Our leadership consists of a group of founding organizers and volunteers from our participating members.

  • Our teachers are all highly qualified and/or gifted in their areas of expertise.

  • Our organizers strive to maintain an atmosphere promoting inclusivity.

  • Participation in our organization includes:​

    • Classes that offer the opportunity to enhance the students’ educational experience.

    • Valuable participation in a group-learning environment.

    • Weekly connection with other area homeschooled students and families.

    • Opportunities requiring groups such as clubs, summer activities, drama productions, field trips, social events, and community outreach.

Q: What does the Co-op offer outside of Classes?
A: Besides classes, we try to offer a variety of clubs, field trips, and social events. Year to year, these are dependent on the number of parents we have who are willing to volunteer. Most importantly we offer community; a place to connect and build relationships with other homeschooling families.
Q: Is your Co-op an umbrella school?
A: No, we are not an umbrella school. To satisfy legal requirements, parents or guardians are required to register with their local school board or an umbrella school. Please see the Tennessee Department of Education's Home Schooling in Tennessee page for more information.
Q: When and where do classes meet?
A: We meet on Tuesdays and Saturdays from September through May for 28 weeks at my home near Wilma Rudolph and Dunbar.​
Q: Do your classes meet Tennessee State Graduation Requirements?
A: Please check with your umbrella school or local school board. Each umbrella school has different guidelines and while some may accept our classes as part of graduation requirements, some may not.
Q: Do you offer a drop off option?
A: We do not offer a drop off option at this time, however; parents and guardians are welcomed and encouraged to work with other co-op members to supervise students when one of them cannot be on location.
Q: What are the requirements for registration for classes?
A: To register for classes, families must complete the following:​
  • Attend a Registration Meeting.​
  • Submit Registration Form, Enrollment Agreement, and Releases.​
  • Payment of the annual Family Fee. These fees pay for expenses including but not limited to rent insurance and supplies.
  • Payment of class tuition and materials fee(s).
  • Completion of a background check for each adult who will stay on-site with students.
  • Sign up for a minimum of one volunteer hour of service per week. The number of volunteer hours is dependent on the number of families registered for the year. Volunteer positions include teacher's assistants, front desk duties, hall or study hall monitors.
Q: Are fees refundable?
A: Fees are non-refundable once they are paid. If a class is canceled at any point during the year, the remaining class fees will be refunded.
Q: What is the Illness Policy?
A: For the health of all our members, please do not bring your children to co-op if they have:
  • Fever over 100 within the last 24 hours
  • Colored mucus (yellow or green snotty nose)
  • Croup cough or non-stop coughing
  • Diarrhea, vomiting or nausea
  • Rashes or ringworm
  • Head lice
  • Anything contagious you are aware of
Q: What is the inclement weather policy?
A: We will follow the weather cancellations of Montgomery County Schools. In case of cancellation, a makeup day will be scheduled.
Q: What is the food policy?
A: TBD once we speak to families and make the necessary arrangements.

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