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I am so happy to have you here and know you are interested in a homeschool co-op community for your family.

The main reason I wanted to created this group was that as a working family it is hard to attend events held during the normal hours. I then created a group that would allow other families like me to find that community.

Our group will meet twice a week with the flexibility to allow families to pick one or two-day options and a schedule that work for their family lifestyle. Imagine that you still get the community and flexibility.

So if this sounds interesting to you read on! Join our open house!

Are we the village you have been searching for?


Here you'll find the activities we do, review on homeschool resources and more.

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Homeschool Co-Op

We are a growing community of homeschoolers lead by parents who want to encourage our children into choosing their own path and interest.

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From local resources here in Clarksville to a little drive to Nashville an even a day trip these are some homeschool resources, trips and more.

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Check out our homeschool events open to the community and to our members.

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Contact Us

You might have more questions and want to contact us, if so here is the best way to do so.

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Find our forms which allow you to register, choose classes, join our mailing list and more.

Community Group

This group is for anyone interested in learning about our co-op.

Member Group

Once you have become a member you'll want to join this group to socialize with our other families.

Class Options

Coming soon!

Meet the team!



Hello everyone! My name is Carmen, I'm a wife and mama of six. We started homeschooling last year after finally moving and creating a lifestyle that allowed us the freedom we needed. Now heading into our second year we wanted to start a co-op and bring the community together. We can learn and create a village that works for us. To provide a place of connection and encouragement along with wonderful learning opportunities to enrich your journey. There are so many different reasons for homeschooling and it isn't always the easiest path. However, I have found that it is so worth it and even more fun when you find others on the same adventure!

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