Send help to the teething baby with Mini Lolo

Julio is now almost three months old and well drooling like a teething monster. I knew it was time to start looking into a solution soon or my breast would be feeling the pain. I should add I have NEVER been bitten by my teething children on purpose. The only time I have felt a […]

How to keep warm this winter season?

Fall is here and I am in love. The cooler weather, the changing leaf colors and well everything pumpkin for those pumpkin lovers. I have always heard that in order for someone to keep warm three things must be warm or covered. Do you know what they are? Think. Think. Answer! If you guessed head, […]

How to store cloth diapers that will keep you organized

How do you store diapers once you have potty trained? Cleaning your diapers The first thing you will want to do is wash them in warm water a few times to get all the detergent residue off. This will also avoid having the elastics and fibers being eaten away during the storage time. Once you […]

How to get started using cloth diapers the simple way

Simple ways to cloth diapers do exist and by the end of this blog you’ll be ready to start. I do what to remind you that cloth diapers aren’t a one size fits all. It may take some time and practice but you’ll find a brand that works for baby. While cloth diapers aren’t one […]

How to wash cloth diapers that will last

Welcome to the WONDERFUL world of cloth diapers! As you start to do your research for cloth diapers you are going to be told about the benefits including cute bum pictures, early potty training, resale value and more. In order for you to really enjoy and become obsessed with cloth diapers, you’ll want to know […]

How to prepare your daughter for puberty

How to prepare your daughter for puberty? If you are asking yourself that same question you’ve come to the right place. As parents we all want to see our children grow up to be their best. We want them to be strong and independent but do we really prepare our daughters for the changes their […]

Regret mom: A story of circumcision

Our son Michael was just a day old when he was taken to be circumcised I felt this pain in my stomach like something was wrong….

Are you ready for all the Mommycon fun and adventures?

moms getting excited for mommycon

Every year around the United Status an event takes place, that event is called Mommycon! If you have never attend let me be the first to say this is a must attend event filled with cloth diapers, baby wearing, shopping and lots of fun making mommy/daddy friends.

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