Zapzapmath Review

One of the most asked questions I get as a homeschooling family is how we make it work. I like to remind those who ask that homeschooling can happen ANYWHERE. Our trips to the store are a great way to practice our math and reading. We can do a mock grocery list and estimate what […]

How to organize your homeschool schedule

homeschool organization with Trello

For the purpose of this post, we will discuss creating a homeschool schedule using Trello. You will be able to create a full year in just one hour. Trello allows you to create one main board and copy of other children, so if you are like me and have multiple children this is a huge […]

The adventures at McKays waiting to happen.

Okay… let me say that adventures at McKays are for you if you are a book lover or a homeschool family. McKays is going to be the place you’ll want to visit the next time you visit Tennessee or near any location. This store is filled with more books then I think a person would […]

Our First Visit To The Tennessee State Museum

We recently took our first unschooling trip to the Tennessee State Museum. Let me just say it was amazing. We went room by room and learned about the history of Tennessee by time period.  Before I jump into everything we saw let me start from the beginning. A few important tips take your time, eat […]

Nashville homeschool field trips

As we start out unschooling journey I started to research places I wanted to visit. I wanted to have a list of places that we would enjoy as a family. Places that would offer learning opportunities and the kids would enjoy. After all the options for learning are endless when you are having fun and exploring your […]

So, you want to homeschool. How do you get started?

You want to start homeschool but where do you start? I am going through this same process and thought why not share my experience as I am going through it. I will go over why we decided to homeschool, our state requirements and homeschool options. You’ll also have a link to find your teaching style […]

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