Stocking stuffers under $10

  As we come towards the end of October you know what that means, the holiday season is upon us. We start planning our holiday season and wonder the meals we can prepare beforehand, what we will get each person on our list and of course where to find the best deals. I know I […]

The best sleep sack you’ll ever need to buy

I have to be honest and say I have never used a sleep sack before. We normally just put pajamas on the kids and off to bed they so. I wasn’t a fan of having to completely take off the sack to change a diaper and running the high possibility of waking up the baby. This […]

My cheap ass guide when shopping for baby

Shopping for baby doesn’t have to break the bank. Half the crap on those registries you will never use.  While you don’t have to stick to this list I think you will enjoy it. Honestly, after having four kids I have learned to just buy what I need. Don’t be one of “those” parents The […]

How to make any toddler meal easy with ez pz

Ez pz has made toddler meals easy in our home. So many options for serving meals. toddler meals. meal ideas. no mess plates.

Toddler meals can be a hard time of day. As parents we know we should sit close enough to catch the plate before it hits the floor. As we serve meals we try not to allow one part of the meal to touch another. We know that if that happens the entire meal will be […]

How to create your perfect seasonal bucket list

I’m so excited the seasons are about to change. I can feel the cooler weather starting at night. I can see it on the trees in our backyard. The leaves falling a few at a time while others hold on for dear life and changing colors. For the first time in my life I can […]

The powerful reasons to add a Life Vac to your home

For any parent the thought that our child choking is a scary one. As parents we make sure not to have small toys in our home, we cut food in just the right size but what if it does happen? Will you be ready? Do you have the life saving tool to help save your […]

The best kids clothing to purchase from LavenderSun

Shopping for children’s clothing can be so difficult. Lets be honest, what child wants to take off and put on clothing over and over? I have yet to meet one. I mean even I struggle when shopping for myself. I recently teamed up with LavenderSun who encouraged me to shop on their site to see […]

In all we say, let us be kind

Unassisted Birth: Controversial? Admittedly, the subject content of this blog is, in our day and age, somewhat controversial. Were you to poll 1,000 people on the street about their gut reaction to the idea of a close friend or family member intentionally birthing at home without a medical professional…? Chances are you would receive strongly […]

How to prepare your daughter for puberty

How to prepare your daughter for puberty? If you are asking yourself that same question you’ve come to the right place. As parents we all want to see our children grow up to be their best. We want them to be strong and independent but do we really prepare our daughters for the changes their […]

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