Noah’s Birth: mother declined interventions and birthed her way

Hello again friends!   I do enjoy our weekly “visits” here on the blog. Perhaps you’d like to hear the story of my first birth, and how I declined interventions in the hospital? That experience set the stage for me choosing to have unassisted births in the future, so the story has a special place […]

Remarkable footling breech and triple cord birth story

UCBirth Story of Amelia Jane Footling Breech, triple wrap cord 8/18/17 3:10pm 5lb6oz 19″ Baby #9 40w4d I woke up to contractions at 3am on the morning of the 18th. After trying to sleep through them and switching positions to no ease I knew they were “flashback to my last labor, these are real contractions”. […]

The Powerful Free Birth of Zephyr Nova

The Powerful Free Birth of Zephyr Nova I started having lower back cramps, intense pressure and cervical twinges throughout the day. These same sensations that I had been feeling for weeks before now felt more “real”. I just intuitively knew that labor would begin within the next day. While putting Asher to bed that night, […]

Quick and Intense Freebirth in Water (with a Cervical Lip!)

My first birth was very traumatic As a result of a car accident, my first baby was born extremely prematurely and I wasn’t sure I was in labor. I’d been having painful contractions for a few days and a bloody show the day before. Now it was just a waiting game for my redeeming freebirth. […]

An amazing but fast labor leading to the denial of a birth

Guest blogger My name is Beautiful Dunn. I’m 32 years old with 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl (Amory-age 5, Atlas-age 3, Autumn-age 18 months). Married 10 years this December to an amazing husband named Clayton who assisted in the birth and caught our 2 fbac babies at home. I’m fairly crunchy and enjoy […]

Keziah’s Birth: mothers intuition helped her avoid a transfer

Welcome Back! Oh there you are! I’ve been thinking about how to write my daughter Keziah’s birth story for you. (I told her story as a podcast episode Here if you’re interested in listening to it), and pondering which details would be most important or rather most relevant to include. Also, if you’re interested in reading about […]

VBAC: Alicia Owen Incredible Story

I finally got to a point between contractions to where I tried sitting up to see if that would help with the pain, even though I was already pushing.

Birth: Arias’ home birth

I stood up and was holding on to a chair I had in the bathroom when all of a sudden my water broke, I sat back on the toilet and the pressure continued to increase.

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