5 things you should research before children

5 must research topics for anyone wanting to become a parent.

Pregnancy, birth and becoming parents are all such amazing adventures. You never know what to expect at any stage. There is no handbook and everyone has the advice to give about how you should do everything. Before you decide to have children here are five things you should research. Some of these may be no […]

What I should really research about breastfeeding?

You have probably never heard anyone tell you to research breastfeeding. More times then not you are asked what formula you will use with the baby. You are sent so many samples and then given even more when you go to interview pediatricians. What should you research and what do you need to know? Breastfeeding […]

What I should really research about vaccines?

Are you ready to start your research on vaccines? Researching the benefits and risk of vaccines allows you to make the best-informed decision. I’ll be honest and say this I wasn’t always on the side of vaccines. Starting my research It wasn’t until I was told to research the ingredients, reactions, the payouts from vaccine […]

10 reasons you should be hiring a doula!

STOP!!! Stop whatever you are doing and tell me if you know what a doula is? Do you know why you should be look into hiring a doula. If the answer is I don’t know to both of these answers then follow along for these 10 reasons you should be hiring a doula What is […]

The fears of a miscarriage mom

Here I sit at almost 12 weeks pregnant with such joy in my heart but fear in my mind. If you have never experienced a miscarriage this may confuse you. How can someone feel such different feelings at once? Imagine carrying a child inside you, making a connection for 4 weeks, 9 weeks, 40 weeks […]

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