Are you ready for all the Mommycon fun and adventures?

moms getting excited for mommycon

Every year around the United Status an event takes place, that event is called Mommycon! If you have never attend let me be the first to say this is a must attend event filled with cloth diapers, baby wearing, shopping and lots of fun making mommy/daddy friends.

The heartbreaking damage Hurricane Irma left behind

home damaged by hurricane

It has now been a month since Hurricane Irma, cut through the Florida Keys leaving a path of destruction, homes that have disappeared and lives that were lost. For the first time since Irma hit I head to my home, the home I grew up in and had so many memories to see what is left.

Essential Oils- A cough and cold blend for kids

doterra essential oil blend

Our doctor recommended we try essential oils. You read that right a doctor who could easily write a prescription for numerous medications was telling me to use essential oils.

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