Send help to the teething baby with Mini Lolo

Julio is now almost three months old and well drooling like a teething monster. I knew it was time to start looking into a solution soon or my breast would be feeling the pain. I should add I have NEVER been bitten by my teething children on purpose. The only time I have felt a […]

How to keep warm this winter season?

Fall is here and I am in love. The cooler weather, the changing leaf colors and well everything pumpkin for those pumpkin lovers. I have always heard that in order for someone to keep warm three things must be warm or covered. Do you know what they are? Think. Think. Answer! If you guessed head, […]

Zapzapmath Review

One of the most asked questions I get as a homeschooling family is how we make it work. I like to remind those who ask that homeschooling can happen ANYWHERE. Our trips to the store are a great way to practice our math and reading. We can do a mock grocery list and estimate what […]

Famitile Duvet & Bath Mat Review

I know I am getting ahead of myself but the idea that Christmas is coming makes me want to have our house in order. I don’t like having someone call or just show up to surprise me and I’m having to explain that we have six kids. To avoid having that happen this year I […]

Riwbox headphone review

Many parents can agree that having one than one person trying to listen to a show or show is hard. Now imagine being in a car with two shows, a tablet and a phone going at the same time. Not fun! Note: posts contain affiliate links, earning me a commission. By using this site, you […]

Stocking stuffers under $10

  As we come towards the end of October you know what that means, the holiday season is upon us. We start planning our holiday season and wonder the meals we can prepare beforehand, what we will get each person on our list and of course where to find the best deals. I know I […]

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