The Second or Third Unassisted Birth

Your Focus WILL Change When I first discovered the choice of birthing at home, skipping the midwife step, and doing everything all on my own… the whole concept of unassisted birth consumed my waking thoughts. This change in the path from hospital to home was life-altering. I wanted to know everything. I researched pregnancy and […]

What have you Neglected in your Unassisted birth?

It’s a funny question to ask “What have you neglected in planning for your unassisted birth?”  Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not trying to place any guilt trip on anyone’s shoulders. Rather, I like to take a look at questions from a different angle sometimes, and see if I’m missing anything. “What has been neglected?” […]

What is belly mapping and how do I do it?

Belly Mapping! For those of you who know what belly mapping is, would you agree with me this is one of the more fun topics of pregnancy??? The mystery and suspense of figuring out the clues is something that really appeals to my personality. And to those of you who don’t yet know, you are […]

How to learn from assisted birth stories

I know, I know… The very thought of delving back into assisted births when you are planning an unassisted birth is a bit repugnant. You’re reading these posts because you do not want to have an assisted birth, so why am I bringing up the topic? Well, because I myself have had two unassisted births, one assisted […]

Prenatal Self Care: What I Did

Keeping Records You’re pregnant! Congratulations! You’re planning on doing everything yourself this pregnancy, and having baby at home? Also congratulations! You want to keep prenatal records for yourself, but don’t exactly know where to start? This post is for all you ladies who’ve decided you want to do some form of DIY Records. Like me, you […]

Prenatal Self Care: What to research (part 1)

Part of “prenatal care” is presumedly to have done enough research to notice and address issues that are beginning to arise before they become true problems. When I decided to birth at home without a midwife my husband was very nervous about the whole idea. His worries centered around “I wouldn’t know what could go wrong, and […]

The Story None Of Us Tell (but many want to hear!)

The stories I would LOVE to read take place in that timeline but never are told. They’re not sad. Not exciting. Maybe mentioned in passing to the closest of friends for very specific reasons. Never told in detail and compared to other’s experiences. But sometimes… Sometimes women like me scour the internet searching and searching […]

Pre-pregnancy: Fertility, TTC and Night Temping

Hello lovely! So glad to see you here again. I’ve been thinking about fertility, and fertility signs, tempting, and all those lovely topics that some of us obsess about when we’re thinking about, and hoping to have a baby in the near future. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t learn almost anything about fertility tracking before […]

Lydia’s Birth: mother contemplates transferring

Hello there friend It’s been a while since I’ve shared one of my birth stories. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve already shared Noah’s story, and Keziah’s story, and that leaves me with only Lydia’s story yet to tell. My husband and I fully intend to aim in the direction of five-ish kids… But at […]

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