Stocking stuffers under $10

  As we come towards the end of October you know what that means, the holiday season is upon us. We start planning our holiday season and wonder the meals we can prepare beforehand, what we will get each person on our list and of course where to find the best deals. I know I […]

What herbs should you have on hand for your birth?

Herbs during pregnancy, birth and postpartum having many benefits but before we get started me let me remind you that we are not a medical provider and the information shared here is from personal experience. Before you start, stop or change any herbs or essential oils speak to a medical professional. This post contains affiliate […]

How to determine what birth supplies you’ll need

your birth supplies will vary on the birth you have. unassisted birth. water birth. home birth. land birth.

Birth supplies may differ from one family to another depending on the birth you plan for; land birth or a water birth. The supply list we created below will cover things to have on hand for mom and baby. Additionally, you will find care for your placenta and postpartum bleeding. This post contains affiliate links; […]

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